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You can take the boy out of Medway ...

An evening with former regular Society attendee, Henri White, who was a Member from the age of just 14 up into his 20s. He will share a combinations of the things that he loves about magic, but also what helps him earn a living in this amazing business.

Since leaving Kent to live in London, Henri has worked as a manager for Marvins Magic in the prestigious Harrods concession, toured around the UK and the world with the Jamie Raven LIVE tour, and is now co-writing the 2018 October/November tour. He has organised several nights at the magic circle with collaborations from Paul Daniels, Ben Hart, Teller, The Ehrlich Brothers, Jamie Raven and Fay Presto. He now spends his days working at PropDog Magic Shop, where he uses his knowledge to help magicians all around the world, as well as his expertise in marketing and social media to help the shop in reaching as many new customers as possible!

The Lecture

The first half will be a selection of the magic Henri enjoys in his spare time; everything from knuckle busting manipulations to the simplest of packet tricks. Henri will also teach the world's first truly One Handed Pass, as well as go into the tools you need to be a creative magician: Card Splitting, Types of Glue, Black art … and much, much more.

In the second half of this talk Henri will share his professional repetoire, as well as discusses how his work with Harrods, Jamie Raven and PropDog Magic Shop have helped him in the world of sales: how to close a sale, how to get more money for what you do, and how to get a potential client to understand your value.

'I can’t wait to return to the club which has shaped me to the magician I am today. Spending a few hours in your company is the least I can do to say thank you for all the encouragement you have given me. It has truly changed my life both in and out of magic.

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