Join Us

The Medway Magical Society welcomes anyone with a genuine interest in magic to join us.



To become a full Member of the Society requires demonstration of competence in the performance of magic. Members are expected to support the Society and contribute to its programme by, for example, regularly taking an active role in meetings, entering competitions, participating in charity shows, and serving on the Committee, if asked.

Prospective Members will be interviewed by a member of the Committee, and will be asked to demonstrate their interest in magic, usually by performing one or more tricks that they have learned.

Those new to the club start as Associates. In order to progress to being a Member, an Associate must perform magic at at least one Society Meeting. Such performance(s) will be assessed by the Committee and, if found to be satisfactory, then Membership will be granted.

An Associate has six months in which to become a Member. In special circumstance, the Committee may extend this period.

All those joining the Society are required to make the following declaration:

I promise not to reveal the secrets and principles of magic to any persons other than fellow magicians.

I also promise not to copy and use any other magician's original effects, acts, routines or presentations, without their permission.

I agree to abide by the rules of the Medway Magical Society.

Click HERE to complete an on-line membership application form.

Alternatively, click HERE for a pdf of the applicaton form.

The membership subscription is £50.00 for the 2023 calendar year.


If you would like to know more about the Society, why not attend one of our open meetings? Alternatively, contact our Secretary.

Please direct all communications to the Secretary.