Medway Magical Society

  • May 4

Coming Events

  • May 4

    My Favourite Magician

  • May 18

    Stand-Up Competition

  • Jun 1

    Lecture: Kozmo

  • Jun 15

    Jam Session

  • Jul 6

    Bought But Never Performed

  • Jul 20

    Medway Takes on the World!

  • Aug 3

    The Committee Performs

  • Aug 17

    Jam Session

  • Sep 7

    Lecture: TBA

  • Sep 21

    My Favourite Book

  • Oct 5

    Mentalism Competition

  • Oct 19

    Dealer Dem

  • Nov 2

    Lecture: TBA

  • Nov 16

    Jam Session

  • Dec 7

    A Magician Reminisces

  • Dec 21

    The Bunny Pull


The Committee endeavours to present the programme as indicated, but changes on short notice may be required.

Competitions form an important part of the Society's programme. They help with the development of Member's skills, give recognition to those who have achieved a high standard, and provide an opportunity for friends, family and the wider public to see what the Society does.

The Committee has, therefore, decided that competitions should continue to be held while the Society is unable to hold face-to-face meetings. It has determined that the existing rules for competitions should, as far as is practicable, be retained. However, competitors are expected to make their performances suitable for the medium in which they are performing, ie effects should 'work' on Zoom.

Competitions are judged on three equally-weighted factors: entertainment value, presentation style and magic content. The latter specifically includes 'the appropriateness of the effects presented.' Competitors whose effects cannot be appreciated when performed via Zoom can expect to be penalised for both presentational style and magic content.

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On-line Meetings

While face-to-face meetings are not possible as a result of the current situation, on-line meetings, using Zoom, are now being held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. For more information, please see the Members' Facebook page or contact the Secretary.

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